Product Announcement!

The team at PhotoSnug love to use their cameras. We're great at writing code and building great apps, but that doesn't mean we know all the best locations to photograph. For our first app, we wanted to make sure we created the best possible experience for photographers in a place we love to visit – Vancouver Canada. To accomplish this, we needed someone who lives in Vancouver and knows of all the great and unique locations to photograph. Someone who's a professional photographer and is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what you can do with a camera. That person is Sharon Tenenbaum.

I came across Sharon several years ago when I wanted to learn about Long Exposure photography. Sharon's book How to Create Long Exposure Fine Art Photography helped me learn the ins and outs of long exposure photography, which naturally lead me to learn all about fine art photography via her video series. When I explained our project to Sharon, she understood the benefits right away and was keen to provide the content for our first app.

Today I'm happy to announce the first in a series of photographer's guides explicitly designed for mobile devices – The Photographer's Guide to Vancouver.

Photographer's Guide to Vancouver

Learning from what we like and dislike about the existing eBook guides, we decided to concentrate on building an easy to navigate, simple to use mobile app that contains just the right amount of information on helping you find and get the shot.

The app is broken down into five major sections.

  • Photographer’s Notes: Sharon provides her insights in Vancouver – gear to bring, best times to shoot, getting around Vancouver, and more. Sharon wants to ensure you're well prepared for your adventure.
  • Locations: We provide a thumbnail view of each site in the guide with the ability for you to select what you want to see. We tell you how far you're away from each spot, enabling you to quickly decide where to go next.
  • Map: It's all interactive. The map shows your location in relation to all other sites in the guide. You can quickly swipe each thumbnail image from side to side to see where each location is located. Found a place you like? Just tap for details and directions!
  • Location Details: Sharon has provided detailed notes on each location in the guide. How to approach the shot, type of lenses you should use, and even time of day. Once you've taken the shot, the map will mark this location as seen — no need to worry if you've been to this location before
  • Directions: At the click of a button, we'll use your phone's map to provide turn by turn guidance to the exact spot.

This may be one of the best features of the app. No internet is required to run the app. Once installed, the app has everything it needs to run — no need to worry about roaming or data charges.

Designed to Inspire

Our apps are designed to help you find great places to photograph. The rest is up to you.

To give you an idea of how creative you can be, check out the following images from Hotel Europe and the Vancouver library. On the left is the image from the app. The rightmost image is an example of how creative you can be.

Hotel Europe

Image from the app

Processed image

Vancouver Library

Image from the app

Processed image

Sharon’s a widely creative person and I’m thrilled she’ll be our guest blogger in the coming months. In the meantime, you can learn more about Sharon at

The Photographer’s Guide to Vancouver is available on Apple, Android and Windows.