Anonymous Feedback

Applications developed by HoopSoup may utilize third party analytic services to track basic usage of an application. This information consists of the following: Device Manufacturer, Device Model, Operating System Name, Operating System Version, Country, Language, Application Version Number, Date/Time of access, Connection Type, Sections of the Application Used. No personal information is collected through anonymous feedback.

This website uses cookies to collect anonymous information about your experience, so that we can learn how to improve your experience and to show appropriate advertising material to you. By using this website, you agree to the collection of such information.

Sharing Features

Some applications from HoopSoup give you the capability to choose to send through e-mail, text message, phone call, or other means, information to others. Such information sharing is at your own discretion and will always involve your approval.

Personal Details

If you choose to supply us with your email address, we may store it to provide better services and we will only email you if you indicate you wish to subscribe to receiving updates from HoopSoup. We do not and will never sell or share your email address.

Contacting HoopSoup

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, contact