Photographer's Guide to New York

With 40 locations to choose from, the Photographer's Guide to New York will guide you to the most scenic and breathtaking locations to photograph.


How Can the Photographer's Guide to New York Help You?

Save you time and effort

You’re on vacation and time is short. How do you know where all the great locations are? Let’s face it; all of us would rather be in front of the camera rather than wasting time hunting for those unique or iconic locations.

We’ve teamed up with professional and award-winning photographer Sharon Tenenbaum to find not only the top spots in New York to photograph but the lesser-known location as well. Whether you’re an amateur, urban, landscape, or an Instagram photographer, the Photographer’s Guide to New York contains 40 of the best places to photograph, ensuring you a successful and pain-free photoshoot.

A great location can inspire and help you capture photos you can be proud of. Finding the right location is a vital part of taking great photos. Why Google for those unique or iconic locations to photograph when PhotoSnug has done all the hard work for you? Spend more time behind your camera and let us guide you on where to go next.

Photographer's Guide to New York saving you time and effort

Interactive Map

We've highlighted each great location in New York on an interactive map. Tap on a pin or scroll through the list of sites to find your next spot. We even tell you how far you are from it!

So you don't get confused as to what locations you've already been to, you can mark any locations as "photographed"

Photographer's Guide to New York interactive map

Location Details

For each location with the Photographer's Guide to New York, Sharon has provided detailed notes as to what to look for, the best time of the day for the shoot, and even types of lenses you should use.

What to know how to get there? Press the Directions button, and we'll let your phone provide you with turn by turn guidance.

Photographer's Guide to New York location details

Full Directions

Ever tried to enter GPS coordinates into Google Maps or your car’s GPS? It’s impossible. With Photograph New York, we let your phone guide you to your next location. Press the Directions button on the details screen and voila! Automated turn by turn guidance!

Photographer's Guide to New York full directions

No Internet Required

How many times have you had to deal with apps that stop working because there's no internet? How about the situation when you're not from New York, and you don't want to pay for sky-high roaming charges?

Wifi requirement isn't a problem with our apps. When you install the application, we download everything.

No internet required

How to get The Photographer's Guide to New York

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